4 fantastic cuts for little boys

by: Gabriella Dömény


Being a mother of two sons I know that sometimes the boys’ hair is just really on for a comb. For those who don’t really care or their daily agenda is too busy to put some efforts yet into their hair style, it is important to choose a style which doesn’t really need maintenance.

The most frequent styles these days:

1. Machine cut

The short hair is the easiest to maintain, it is the ideal solution for the never stopping little sportsmen. How do we do that? There is no need for any special styling, maybe a hint of styling cream can be added for the prettier look.


2. Spiky

A very fast solution, absolutely nice when the machine cut starts to grow. How do we do that? Add some styling gel, work in nicely, form little spikes on the top of the head, flat it down on the sides. The texture will be a little thicker but it would not look “too perfect”.


3. Perfect long layered cut with  fringe (the “surfing”)

One of the most frequented styles these days. How do we do that? An inch of styling cream is worked into the hair and finger formed. Excellent hold for the whole day.


4. Mad Men

This plain, sophisticated style is outstanding for special occasions, reminds us on Don Draper (from Mad Men). The young man will be exquisitely elegant, ready for the Madison Avenue. How do we do that? In three small steps. A hint of styling cream is worked in to avoid frizz and to add a nice shine. Parting the hair with a comb, the shorter part is combed straight down, the longer part  is first pulled down with the comb then again turned up from around the middle of the forehead, smoothing the remaining hair behind the ear.


Necessary items:

  • styling cream
  • hair brush


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