combing curly hair

by Gabriella Dömény


We receive so many questions about taking care of the curly hair. How to avoid frizz, tangling? What products should we use? As someone who could finally accept her own curls, I might be able to help.

Appropriate care makes so much difference. It teaches our child to accept the curls instead of wishing to have straight locks. If I had found out earlier that the curly hair in fact can be really pretty and not just untidy ringlets, I could have spared myself hundreds of hours spent on straightening my hair. It is so much easier to keep the curls nice than always straighten them, not to mention our child’s self esteem.


So, first of all: never brush the curly hair. But then how to handle the tangles? When washing the hair, the conditioner should be worked in with a wide-split comb. Take one lock of hair in one hand and comb it from the bottom towards the root very slowly. This way you can avoid pulling on the hair. In case of tangling try using a detangler product and a leave-in conditioner.

My secret weapon: never rinse the conditioner fully. Leave a little in, mostly at the ends, this will provide extra hydration, then carefully squeeze out the excess water. After the bath massage in some alcohol-free  styling gel or light styling cream, this will enhance the natural curls. The alcohol free formula would not dehydrate the hair and can assist keeping the pretty curls without a wet or sticky effect.  Finding the just enough quantity requires a bit of practice. Start with half an inch, tend to distribute evenly during massaging.

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