Close your eyes and imagine one moment of the dream party in a photo. Imagine a friendly place with a super decoration, imagine your daughter or son with a trendy hairstyle, (even in a costume) smiling into the camera. The little girl behind enjoys the moment in a tutu, her face painting just being created, many of the kids playing around happily. And this is just one moment of many of a great party.


Let this birthday party be the most wonderful. Come to the Tincses to celebrate (we’ll even try to make your extra wish come true - if we can).

What's included?

  • 2,5 private party (Tincses is closed for this period, it is only for you and your friends)
  • Tincses invitation card which you can send along personalized
  • our two hair stylists and a professional makeup master will be ready to do the super hairs (braids, buns, curls) and your dream makeup or face painting
  • hair chalks, colored lines into your hair (of course children friendly and washable)
  • a free tiara to the birthday girl
  • the necessary items are free for your guests (clips, buckles, donuts, hair buns)
  • mini manicure with glittery nail stickers, bright colors, thanks to the Snails non-chemical, non-toxic products
  • birthday decorations and tableware
  • free soft drinks and salty snacks
  • you can be the DJ, bring your favorite music


the party spirit is guaranteed, you only need to bring the cake (and the candles).


The parties usually begin at 16.00 on Sundays and the above listed items are guaranteed at a minimum  of 10 persons. In this case the party fee of the birthday kid is free, this is our gift.


Don’t be afraid in case of a smaller group, contact us and we’ll give you an advantageous package offer.

tincses sziget szülinapi buli
tincses sziget szülinapi buli
tincses sziget szülinapi buli

tincses party

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tincses sziget szülinapi buli
tincses sziget szülinapi buli
tincses sziget szülinapi buli