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The tincses sziget styling shop can be the place favorite place for both kids and parents. The place which is famous for its friendly stylists, cozy environment, and appropriate prices. Tincses sziget is the place which is nice to visit.

It depends on you whether you’ll have your own leisure styling shop just like tincses sziget, because we’re in the process of looking for franchise partners.

Not asking for too much, but on the contrary, giving a lot (for example, it is not a problem if you are not a stylist yourself), you can read the details why it is worth it to join:

  • a simple and low-cost business model without hidden costs
  • multiple-resource income to have more than one opportunities
  • unique experiences for the children – they are the most faithful market
  • tincses sziget does not have any direct competition
  • tincses sziget is well-known, famous, has an acknowledged image, slogan
  • we have an unrivaled training program, assisting you step-by-step
  • we’ll help you get through the initial difficulties
  • we are your background for the whole life cycle of your company
  • we’ve got unique and resourceful marketing programs, you don’t even need to think about it
  • we’ve got the whole infrastructure: you’re assisted in creating the shop
  • you’ll get your unique plans for the shop interior
  • furniture, equipment manufactured totally customized for your place
  • the availability of our special products is continuously supported on a highly advantageous wholesale price level
  • your success is our success, this is always in our focus


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tincses sziget franchise gödöllő