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ready, steady, cut!

perfect party venue

one teardrop is too many

Ever since I opened my children’s hair styling shop ten years ago, I’ve seen thousands of children and parents arriving for a haircut, therefore I have a lot of tips and tricks that can make your time with us huge fun. You can easily read these tricks after clicking below, they can help you find the way to make even the first haircut of your little one a fancy experience.

The Tincses Sziget can be the perfect party venue for the first or for the umpteenth party for the little girls. If you choose us, our fantastic stylists can create the dream hairs for every little guest, while everything is for your little daughter:  we can do facial painting, nail polish, curly locks, fancy costumes and of course snacks and drinks. Come to us to host your birthday party because everything is possible in the Tincses parties. We are waiting for you at her birthday.

party decoration

snacks and drinks

cool hairdos for everyone

fabulous costumes

free tiara
for girls

We think that even one single teardrop from a child is more than what the world can bear. Therefore all of our shampoos are tearless. All of our products are of premium quality. All of our products smell fantastic. These can be used in your home any time as well. You can buy them in the styling shop or order them in our webshop and we’ll deliver them right to your door.


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tincses sziget éléményfodrászat






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Hurray, we are open once again!

we believe

a haircut can be a playful adventure

Drop everything you’ve ever thought about children’s hair styling and visit tincses sziget, the kids’ hair styling shop. It’s a treat for you all. We’re going to charm every moment you spend with us with our nice, friendly, superior stylists in our nice and playful environment.

a red car is the perfect place for a haircut for a little guy

washing hair in the horizontal washer – a real chillout

each and every moment is an adventure in the playgroundt

why not watch a video during styling?

why not watch a video during styling?

the best kids’ stylists of the city work for us

a single teardrop is too many, therefore all of our shampoos are tear-free

the story of tincses sziget

Everybody has a dream. My dream has been the Tincses, a children’s hair styling shop, ever since being an active mom, I could see how distressing each hair cut was for my sons. In 2008 the first Tincses Sziget opened, the first leisure hair styling shop, where you can always find me, participating in the everyday life of the shop. The Tincses is my everlasting love 

Just like anything else, Tincses also has a story. During the 13+ years thousands of trendy, cute, sweet, or even ‘manly’ and wild haircuts have been created. Thousands of parents have honored us – entrusting us with their biggest treasure: their children.

The story of Tincses is not told in years, visitors, or revenue, but rather in kids’ smiles, super haircuts, pleasure moments and the photos of all this together. We believe that only they can show truly what Tincses is indeed. Thank you for visiting us, because without you Tincses would only be a styling shop. With you, with the children’s laughter, it can become its true self. Thank you for writing our story.


Gabriella Dömény

Founder, Owner

how hairstyles are born

services and prices


3.400 Ft

4.600 Ft

2.000 Ft

short hair

long hair

first cut with gift certificate and a first curl, up to age 3

We handle his or her hair with special care, the brave behavior during the first cut of his or her life is awarded with a certificate, mum receives the first curl

haircut up to age 3

Imagine your child with a new hair style. Imagine her even sweeter.

wash, cut, blow dry from age 3

We can make miracles. Come and check it out!

wash and blow dry from age 3

The care their hair needs. And the care they need.

machine cut

We do it in the same high quality just like with the scissors.


This will be a special charm.

extra services: braids, ironing, curling

There’s no request we are not able to tend to.

fancy hairstyles

For special occasions, based on individual agreement.

mom & daughter braiding mini-course (45 mins. together)

Creative and quick braiding ideas, techniques, novelties for moms.

father & daughter braiding mini-course (45 mins. together)

A great activity, you receive braiding tips and a new hairstyle.

4.600 Ft

5.300 Ft

3.400 Ft

3.800 Ft

3.300 Ft

from 2.800 Ft

from 4.500 Ft

5.900 Ft

5.900 Ft

prices above include 27% VAT.

A piros autó tökéletes helyszín egy pasis hajvágásra

tincses sziget éléményfodrászat
tincses sziget éléményfodrászat
tincses sziget happy hours


a város legjobb gyerekfodrászai készítik el a gyereked frizuráját

könnymentes samponok

már egyetlen könnycsepp is sok: ezért minden samponunk könnymentes

tincses sziget éléményfodrászat

happy hours

15% off weekdays 12-15h